I Became Me

I have survived multitudes of threats.

From the moment sperm met ovum

the struggle was on.

Drowsing while forming

was particularly alarming.

I thought at first I was a fish.

Then when I saw fingers I knew

something else was occurring.

I cried out in alarm

but there was just a thrum

as my ears started to hear.

Moments of magical peace

were interspersed

with horrendous squirming.

Pieces of me grew

and demanded a stretch

and I knew then

what I was to become.

All knowledge pressed into my brain.

I was a human.

I felt like burrowing

then my walls pushed in

and squeezed and squashed.

Such pain I will never feel again

because that intensity

would now surely kill me.

Exhausted and angry

as they pulled and slapped me

My shouts and my pleas

eventually ceased.

My inner self

was given birth.

Then I slept

and learnt dreaming.

The knowledge I had been given

turned into cellular action.

I saw the light

I felt the air

I knew that danger

would always be there.

So I stayed alert

and practiced with all my heart

so my talents would grow

and make me


crafty and zestful

bide my time

and then as you see

I became me.

Memory escapes me

the days have been many

but I’ve survived this long

and I want to go on.

Each experience has shaped me

and the knowledge I was given

is still informing and unfolding

Appreciation is growing

of this gift I was given.

Mysterious future feels exciting

eternally beckoning….

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