Ginny is my name (Virginia for long) a massage therapist in my heart and my hands but not in my pocket! Being 61 is fine when you feel fitter and cannier than you can remember being in your life before! Children? yes, two daughters. Grandchildren? yes, three of the female kind. So I have given just girls to the world! (love ’em) I am of a druidic disposition and training to be a bard. The druids are gentle and spiritual with an accent of culture and learning, plus celebration. Very varied and FREE, but GOOD. Druids believe in the sacred nature of the earth, our mother, and seek to honour, protect and heal her. I am only in training so it’s early days for me.

I love and feel at home in ‘nature’ put off by our aeroplane and concrete appendages that intrude indelicately into everybodies life willynlly. Yearning for our ‘civilised’ world to be relegated and a new respect and love for our natural god (or whatever name fits) given inheritance to be raised up. With my head down I never would have complained at the way things have become in the last 15 years or so but I have my head up nowadays and know so much more and am starting to look for ways to be new and free and in harmony with the earth’s turning. Looking for ways to detach from oil polluted money driven chemical food life and hope for my children and children’s children for the best! I know it’s no good fighting, best just to quietly find different ways of being.

Trying not to be soft and feeble, rather strong and flexible. Trying to banish sentimentality from my personality. Counting my blessings daily and always astounded by the quantity.

Thanks to miraculous mysteries I am here and you (reader of this) are too. Lets be happy for that at any rate.

If you ever want some massage sessions – call me!

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