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By Nature I Grow Unfortunate I am to be an old London street tree planted at the turn of the 20th Century   Early years, Oh joy to recall! Growing straight, standing tall Branches reaching towards the sky echoing, shape … Continue reading

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The Radical Therapist

In the 1970’s in America, young trainee psychotherapists caught the mood of the time and declared a radical therapy movement and a journal of that name was produced and distributed locally and then in order to spread the message further … Continue reading

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I Became Me I have survived multitudes of threats. From the moment sperm met ovum the struggle was on. Drowsing while forming was particularly alarming. I thought at first I was a fish. Then when I saw fingers I knew … Continue reading

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I chose the name for my blog. Radical Therapist just popped into my head. Then I found there is such a thing as ‘Radical Therapy’ it arose out of the work of among other people Wilhelm Reich. Since I admire … Continue reading

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